Non-Public Textbooks

Last Updated: 7/19/2021 12:49 PM

Procedure to Receive Private School Textbooks

Coventry residents who have children in Grades K-12 attending non-public schools may request textbooks in Mathematics, Science, Foreign Language, History/Social Studies, and English/Language Arts.  



There have been changes to the return policy please see below for schedule



DROP OFF HOURS WILL BE 7:30am to 11:00am and 12:00pm to 2:00pm 


All books must be returned no later than July 1, 2021


Our new procedure will be a no contact, drive up, drop off by alphabetical order of last name.


Final Drop-off Days:

July 21st 8-11 am

July 22nd 12-2 pm



Go to the website

Click on Non-Public Textbook Information

The online ordering system will be available Friday June 4, 2021 to Wednesday, July 28, 2021.



Pickup Location:   46 Pettine Street 


Date & Time:


Friday, August 20, 2021 8:00 to 11:00

Monday, August 23, 2021 8:00 to 11:00

Tuesday, August 24, 2021 12:00 to 2:00



Late orders are strongly discouraged, as we may not be able to acquire textbooks prior to the start of school.  If requesting books after the Wednesday, July 28, 2021 deadline, please follow the directions below.  

  1. Check the RI Department of Education website to determine if your textbook(s) are RIDE approved.  Click here for the RIDE Website.     

  2. If the book(s) are on the RI Department of Education website, you need to email to see if the book(s) are available from the district.  If the book(s) are available you will be notified to pick up book(s).

  3. If the book(s) are not available, you will receive an email authorization to obtain the textbook(s) yourself.

  4. In order to be reimbursed, a copy of the email authorization and the book receipt(s) must be submitted for reimbursement.  The district will reimburse the lowest price listed for the textbook(s).  We do not reimburse for shipping and handling.  All reimbursement paperwork must be received in our district office by Friday, October 1, 2021.


Non-Public Textbook Order Form


Coventry Public Schools Non-Public Textbook Sources


We urge and recommend ordering through the following vendors.  The Coventry School Department will not pay premium prices for books.


We will reimburse you at the purchase price available from the below vendor(s).






Coventry-CCRI High School Students

Students participating in the Dual & Concurrent Enrollment Program should contact the Coventry High School Guidance office 401-822-9499 – ext.  141 for assistance in completing the following required forms:

Dual & Concurrent Enrollment Agreement (which requires signature by parent/guardian) and

Community College of Rhode Island Authorization to Charge –LEAs  textbook order form (which requires an authorizing signature by a designated Coventry High School official).   Students must provide a copy of their CCRI class schedule to complete this form.

CHS will provide authorization for the student to obtain the textbooks that must be purchased at CCRI.  The student will take the written authorization and book order form to a CCRI Bookstore to obtain the books and authorize the CCRI Bookstore to send an invoice to the Coventry Public Schools for payment. 

For questions please contact Barbara Erno at the Coventry High School guidance office by phone (401-822-9499 – ext.  141 ) or e-mail (  

Please note:  All textbooks are the property of Coventry Public Schools and must be returned in good condition.  Textbooks provided for each class must be returned before textbooks will be provided for any subsequent classes.