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School Contact Information

Coventry High School

40 Reservoir Rd


fax: 401.822.9492

School time- 7:20A - 1:55P

Principal: Brooke Macomber

Assistant Principals:

     Timothy Chace  Grades 9 and 11

     Ann Marie Zaborski, Grades 10 and 12

Donna Beaudoin, Director of Student Services 

Sarah Blessing, Nurse (x142)

Tammie Anderson, Secretary to the Principal (x146)                         

Regional Career and Technical Center Director

Lori Ferguson:



Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School

15 Foster Drive


fax: 401.822.9469

School time- 8:00A- 2:30P

Principal: Joseph Lucian

Assistant Principals:

    Michele Kennett

    Nicola Scheib




 Nurse (x213)

Tanya Langlois, Secretary to the Principal, (x212)


Blackrock Elementary School

12 LaCasa Drive


fax: 401.223.3557

School time - 8:30A - 3:00P

Principal: David Gesualdi

Melissa Thibodeau, Nurse   

Constance Hargreaves, School Clerk



Hopkins Hill Elementary School

95 Johnson Boulevard


fax: 401.822.9454

School time-9:00A - 3:30P

Principal: Kathryn Tancrelle 

Deborah Oliver, Nurse

Kathy Mealey, School Clerk



Tiogue Elementary School

170 East Shore Drive


fax: 401.822.9453

School time- 8:30A - 3:00P

Principal: Cheryl Merola

, Nurse  

Tara Rachiele, School Clerk



Washington Oak Elementary School

801 Read School House Rd


fax: 401.397.1094

School time- 9:00 - 3:30P

Principal: Paula Jacquard

Assistant Principal

 Sara Bogdon


Margaret Carroll, Nurse

Sue Lacaillade, School Clerk

Tracy Lagerstrom, School Clerk


Western Coventry Elementary School

4588 Flat River Rd


fax: 401.397.4592

School time- 8:30A - 3:00P

Principal: Kristin Bagley

Emilie Cunningham-Joost, Nurse

Patricia Vanasse, School Clerk