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Policy Manual

Please note the Coventry Public Schools Policy Manual is in the process of being updated.  The list below is incomplete.  Should you be looking for a policy that is not included in the listing below, please contact Dawn Cabral at (401)822-9400 x 217 to obtain a copy of any current policy.  Thank you for your patience during this review process.

In an effort to keep the community aware of the laws, regulations and directives that support a school system, the Coventry Public Schools will post policies as our present policies become reaffirmed, revised, or replaced with new, more appropriate ones.

Coventry’s present policy manual consists of the following sections: Community, Administration, Business, Personnel, Students and Instruction. The Coventry Public Library, each school, central office and each School Committee member has a copy of the policy manual.

1000 Governance

1000 Purpose

1010 Guiding Beliefs

1030 School Committee Powers and Duties

1040 School Committee Policies

1050 Policy Dissemination

1060 Open Meetings

1070 Minutes

1080 Advisory Committee

1090 School Calendar

1100 Public Records

1335 School Playground Hours

2000 Administration

2100 Basic Education Program

3000 Fiscal

3200 Time and Effort Reporting Requirements for Federal Grant Programs

3545 Transportation of Pupils Policy

6000 Personnel

6150 Social Media

6250 Administrative Salary

7000 Instruction

7010 Contributing Educator

7151 Title 1 and Parent Involvement Policy

8000 Students

8030 Dual Concurrent Enrollment Policy

8031 Graduation

8031.1 Graduation Requirement Waiver

8118 Foreign Exchange Students

8144 Medication

8145 Acceptance of Gifts for Athletics

8145.2  Establishment and Maintenance of Interscholastic Athletic Activities

8155 Homework Policy

8200 Employment First Policy

9000 System-Wide School Community

9080 Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Policy

9080 Defibrillator Procedure Manual

9080 Defibrillator Maintenance Checklist


Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments

AC- Title IX Non-Discrimination - Anti-Harassment Policy and Grievance Procedure

ADB- Drug-Free Workplace Policy

ADC- Tobacco-Free Schools

ADF Wellness Policy

AFDB- Motor Vehicle No-Idling Policy

Section B: School Board Governance and Operations

BBA- School Committee General Powers and Duties

BEDH- Public Comment Policy

Section C: General School Administration

CDA CFB Administrator Evaluation and Compensation Policy

CFDA- School Improvement Team Policy

Section D: Fiscal Management

DBJ- Budget Line Item Transfer Policy

DICA- Spending Policy and Minimum Fund Balance Policy

DHA- Third Party Contract Signing Authority Policy

DJ- Purchasing Policy

DN - School Property Disposition Policy

Section E: Support Services

EBBC - Indoor Air Quality Management Policy

EBCFA - Student Entry Into a School Facility During a Public Health Crisis Policy

EBCFB - Employee and Visitor Entry Into a School Facility During a Public Health Crisis Policy

ECFA- Energy Star Policy

ECFB - Green Building Standards Policy

EEA- Transportation of Students Policy

EEAAA- Student Operated Motor Vehicles on School Property Policy

EFDA- Food Service Program Credit Limit Policy

EHAB- Internet Filtering Policy

EHB- Retention and Destruction of Records Policy

EHBA Student Data Privacy and Security Policy

Section G: Personnel

GBEBB- Employee-Student Relations Policy

GBEE- Digital Use and Internet Safety Policy

GBKJII- Appeals Policy

GCBB- Administrator's Compensation Schedule for New Hires

Section I: Instruction

ICA- School Calendar Policy

IHAKA- Political Activities Policy

IHBA Student Attendance Policy

IHBA- Section  504 of the Rehabilitation Act Policies and Procedures

IHBF- Temporary Homebound Instruction Policy

IHGB- At Home Instruction Policy

IICA- Field Trip Policy

IIQ- Distance Learning Policy

IJLA- Library Media Centers Collection Development Policy

IJNC- Interlibrary Loan Policy

Section J: Students

JBB- Gender Non-Conforming and Transgender Students Policy

JFA- Admission Policy

JFAAA- Regional Career and Technical Center at Coventry High School Admission and Appeal Policy

JFAAB- Preschool Enrollment Process and Tuition Policy

JH- Student Attendance Policy

JIC- Student Behavior Policy

JICA- Student Dress Code Policy

JICFA- Hazing Policy

JICI- Weapons and Assault Policy

JICK- RI Bullying Prevention Policy

JIH- Search of Students, Student Property and School Property Policy

JJAB Equal Access to School Facilities for Students Policy

JJE- Fundraising Policy

JJLCEA- Public Access Defibrillation Policy (PAD)

JLCG- Food Allergy Policy

JLDB- Threat Assessment Teams Policy

JLDBH- Suicide Prevention Policy

JLDD- Therapy Dog Policy

JLIAA- Crisis Intervention- Physical Restraint Policy

Section K: School, Community and Home Relations

KC- School Volunteers Policy

KDB- Access to Public Records Policy

KDC- Distribution of Materials Policy

KF- Use of School Facilities Polic


Policies Pending Approval


The policies listed below have been read once into the School Committee record. Some editing may be in process before the second and final reading. They are listed here for public comment. If you would like to comment on a policy please respond to Dawn Cabral.

These item(s) are in their first reading:

ADF- Wellness Policy





State Bullying Policy

Bullying Report Form

Bullying Response Form



Blood Borne Pathogens Training for School Staff


CHS Behavioral Expectations

ASFMS Behavioral Expectations

Elementary Behavioral Expectations