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Document Camera Setup

ELMO (Document Camera) Hookup

If you have one of the newer iPevo or JoyCam document cameras, click here for instructions.

There are three connections made to your ELMO (Document Camera):

Document camera


One cord will go from the source device to the ELMO (Chromebook or computer).  The second will go from the ELMO to the display (projector).  The third cord is the power adapter that connects to electricity.


Document camera



In the above image, please note that the power cord plugs into position 1 labelled DC IN.

The cord that plugs into position 2 is the one that runs up to the projector.  This port is labelled OUT on the unit.

The cord that plugs into postition 3 is the one that runs from your Chromebook or computer.  This port is labelled IN on the unit.


The other ports that are covered with a red X above are generally left unused.


Document camera



The unit is powered on with the illuminated button labelled 1 in the image above.  It turns blue when the unit is on, red when it is off.


To toggle between what source you wish to display on the projector, hit the button labelled 2 above.  This will switch between projecting the camera on the ELMO and projecting the screen on the Chromebook/computer.