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Chromebook Frequently Asked Questions

Chromebook Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I have to purchase a Chromebook?

A: No, CPS will provide a Chromebook to each child. Students are not permitted to use their own device in school.


Q: Can my child take their Chromebook home?

A: Yes, for students in grades 6-12.  It is expected that students will take their Chromebook home to extend their learning. Students are expected to bring their device to school daily, charged and ready to be used.


Q: Will my child receive a Google account with their Chromebook?

A: Yes, all students  will receive a Google Suite for Education account from Coventry Public Schools. This account is owned by CPS, and students can use the account during their tenure in CPS. Upon a student's exit from CPS, the student can download all of his or her data/content using Google Takeout.  Students up to grade 8 will have an account that can only send and/or receive messages to other students or faculty within our domain (at an address).  Students in grades 9-12 will have a fully functional e-mail account.


Q: What happens if my child breaks his/her Chromebook?

A: The student shall be responsible for the proper care of the borrowed device. Damage due to accidental drops or falls and any mechanical failures are covered by CPS. Damage due to misuse of the Chromebook is the responsibility of the student/parent. This is explained in the District-Issued Device Agreement linked above.

Click here for the Chromebook repair procedure


Q: Do we need Internet access at home for my child to use his/her Chromebook?

A: Children will need Internet access to operate many of their Chromebook apps, but there are many applications that have offline capabilities. Students will still be able to use Google Drive to get most of their work done without Internet access. You can view this FAQ from Google regarding offline work and Chromebooks.


Q: Does Coventry Public Schools provide Internet access for my child at home?

A: No. However there are reduced-fee internet services available.  Please go to for more information.


Q: What kind of filtering is used on student devices?

A: At school, the entire district network is protected by a filtering system called iBoss.  This system is provided by our internet provider, OSHEAN.  In addition to this filter, we are currently using a product called GoGuardian for mobile filtering when students are using their devices away from the school network.  When at school, student devices are filtered by both systems.