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Questions about Certification?  

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Educator Certification Regulations presented 11/19/2020

Educator Certification Regulation Changes (presented 11/19/20)




  Recertification Process FAQs laugh


What is the process in Coventry to help me verify my PLUs required for certification renewal?

1. Determine how many PLUs you need to renew your certification.  You can find this information in the slides presentation on the district PLU page. 

2. District-based PLUs logged in Aspen:

a. Print out what you have for PLUs for your certification cycle in Aspen. (instructions in this video at 6:25: Aspen PLU Video Tutorial Please add up the total number of hours on the aspen form for your cert cycle, and write it on the top.  Then add your name to the top as well.

3. PLUs accrued from out-of-district PD:

a. Gather any certificates of completion from any “out of district” PD you’ve attended during your certification cycle.

4. Fill out the verification forms (found on this webpage) for each year of your certification cycle*, attaching the PLUs from Aspen and any certificates to show your administrator. 

You’ll need admin signatures on your:

a. data meetings/CPT (only if these weren’t credited in Aspen), 

b. any PDP PLU hours, and 

c. anything “outside of district”, along with the attached proof.

*Alternatively, you can choose to fill out these forms each year and reserve them until they need to be submitted in your renewal year.

5. Make copies of ONLY your verification forms and your Aspen PLU print-out for Don; you keep the originals.

6. Send these copies to Don Cowart in January of your renewal year. (There's no need to send him any certificates, since your admin. will have already seen them and signed your verification form.) Don will verify your PLUs with RIDE.

7. Wait for Don to send you an email that you’re all set before you begin your renewal application with RIDE. RIDE Online Certification Portal Link

8. Check with Don if you haven’t heard anything in a week.


What if I have attended PD that’s not recorded in Aspen?

Any PD not recorded in Aspen can be logged on the Verification Form for that year.  

If it’s a school based PD, it can be logged in Aspen; all buildings have at least one admin who can do this.  Alternatively, you can log it into part 1 of your verification form and obtain an admin signature.  

If it’s “outside of district” PD, obtain a certificate or other proof of completion citing dates and number of hours.  This should be logged on your verification form in part 2.  You’ll need to attach the proof and obtain an admin signature. 


How do I sign up to accrue PLU credit for a PD in Aspen?

Before or on the day of the PD, follow the steps in this tutorial: Aspen PLU Video Tutorial


How can I see the PD activities I have in Aspen, and print them out?

Aspen PLU Video Tutorial:  3:03


What if I don’t see my “tasks” section in Aspen?

Aspen PLU Video Tutorial:  1:35

1. Click on your name in the upper right corner

2. Select "Set preferences"

3. In the box that pops up, go to the HOME tab

4. Make sure "announcements" and "tasks" are both selected

5. Hit "OK" - the page will refresh and you should see the task section there with the "initiate" button.

When can I begin accruing PLU credit in my new certification cycle?

Beginning on the "issue date" on your new certificate.


21-22 Educator PLU Verification FormUse this form to keep track of contractually required PD (have administrator sign off on sessions). 

20-21 Educator PLU Verification FormTeacher Verification Form 2020-2021

19-20 Educator PLU Verification Form

18-19 Educator PLU Verification Form

Administrator Verification form 2020-2021

21-22 Administrator PLU Verification Form: Use this form to keep track of contractually required PD (have administrator sign off on sessions).
20-21 Administrator PLU Verification Form
19-20 Administrator PLU Verification Form