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Last Updated: 9/21/2023 5:55 PM
*8/28/23 NEWS: Very few tech platforms in Coventry have manually managed accounts.  That is, most accounts sync in through Aspen.  Ed Handbook, IXL, and Navigate360 are the few that do require manual account creation for staff and teachers.  
You would need:
  • Educators Handbook (Incidents+) - in PK-8; for any adult who may write conduct referrals for students.  The first time you log in,  you have to enter your email address, and then click on "set a new password". It will prompt you to check your email address and send you an automated password link. Before filling out this form, make sure you have tried this.
  • IXL MATH - ONLY If you are a teacher of Math at ASFMShelp desk image
  • Navigate360 - needed by all teachers and staff district wide
Please fill out the request below if you need an account created for you in one or more
of these platforms (or if you need your login credentials).  You will be notified when complete.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  ACCOUNT REQUEST     

Platform Help Guide -

Coventry Public Schools 2023-2024 School Year

*for places that say Erin/Jim, start with Erin and she will forward to Jim if it’s something only he can fix

WHO do I contact for help…


…using the platform

…help with my account

Aleks (Google SSO-waffle app: McGraw Hill)

Rachel Rocchio

*Erin Coyne/Jim Murphy

Aspen  Login at

Check with your building admin first

Barbara Erno

Carolina OSE ASFMS Teachers of science just need to register and join the school. The school code is Feinstein Middle School; School code: 2DNVCLS4

Andrew Gervasini

Erin Coyne


Courtney Milburn

*Erin Coyne/Jim Murphy

Educators Handbook (Incidents+)

Login is your school email address; If this is your first time logging in, click “set a new password” link

Click here for VIDEO TUTORIAL and here for quick Cheat Sheet

Erin Coyne

Erin Coyne

e-Hallpass (Google SSO)

Teacher Training Webinar

Courtney Macropolous

Erin Coyne


Erin Coyne

Erin Coyne

I-Ready (Google SSO- waffle app except admin accounts)

Diana Lachance

*Erin Coyne/Jim Murphy

IXL  Login at

Nikki Sheib

Erin Coyne

Navigate360 (Login is your email address; first time PW is navigate2022)

Erin Coyne

Erin Coyne

Reveal Math (Google SSO-waffle app: McGraw Hill)

Rachel Rocchio; Nikki Sheib

*Erin Coyne/Jim Murphy

RtIStored! (login will be your email address.  If this is your first time logging in, click “forgot password?” link)

Kerri Luchka

*Erin Coyne/Jim Murphy

StudySync (login is Google SSO-waffle app: McGraw Hill)

Julie Boyle

*Erin Coyne/Jim Murphy

Zearn (Google SSO)

Diana Lachance; Kerri Luchka

Diana Lachance; Kerri Luchka; Erin Coyne