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Coventry Elementary Math Page 

Elementary math timelines are based on the learning targets, which are aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The Go Math textbook is a tool used to teach and assess these learning targets. Often the targets require teachers to take Go Math chapters out of order or to use only parts of a chapter. In addition, teachers often use supplemental materials to reinforce skills taught in the unit. Therefore, it is not essential to use every page in the textbook. The pacing of the timeline was created with this approach in mind.

Kindergarten Math Curriculum

Grade 1 Math Curriculum
Gr. 1 Assessment Folder

Grade 2 Math Curriculum
Gr. 2 Assessment Folder

Grade 3 Math Curriculum
Gr. 3 Assessment Folder

Grade 4 Math Curriculum
Gr. 4 Assessment Folder

Grade 5 Math Curriculum
Gr. 5 Assessment Folder


ASF Middle School Math Department Page

Grade 6 Math Curriculum

Grade 7 Math Curriculum

Grade 8 Math Curriculum

Middle School Pre-Algebra

Middle School Algebra

Coventry High School Math Department Page
Algebra 1


Algebra 2