Student Drop Offs and Pick Ups

Last Updated: 8/14/2023 2:03 PM

Drop offs:

  • Please proceed to the drop-off area only (follow the signs).

  • Drop off students in the drop-off lane closest to the sidewalk.

  • Do not park anywhere including staff spots and lots as it causes congestion.

  • Do not let students get out of the car in the travel lane (for safety)! 

  • No cars are allowed to enter where the buses are dropping off students.

  • Please follow ALL directions of the staff on duty.

  • School starts at 8:00AM.


Pick ups: 

  • Parents are to park and wait in the drop off lane. 

  • Parents do not park in the staff parking lot. 

  • Students will be released for dismissal at 2:30PM. 

  • If a parent needs to pick up their child early, they must be signed out at the main office. Proof of identification (driver’s license) is 100% required.