Criminal Justice

Last Updated: 2/16/2022 2:35 PM

The Criminal Justice program is an exciting career pathway for students who want to explore careers in law enforcement, legal studies, and government agencies. The curriculum for this course aligns with Roger Williams University criminal justice courses and provides students with an overview of the criminal justice system from the perspective of multiple agencies.  Additionally, students will become immersed in crime scene investigation as they learn to collect, record, and process evidence from a crime scene.  Each course builds upon previous content and skills.  In year 3, students will take a deep dive into law and society and explore important societal topics such as stereotyping, bias, profiling and discrimination to explore the effect laws have on society.   Students will engage in case studies, experiments, simulations and video analysis.   As students apply their knowledge through collaborative projects and simulated exercises they will keep a portfolio of their work.  In Criminal Justice 3 & 4, students will complete a research project of choice that will be presented to a panel of faculty from Roger Williams University.    Students can earn up to 6 college credits for this requirement.   

Senior students may participate in an internship. 

Students are eligible to participate in SkillsUSA competitions. 1n 2020,  Criminal Justice had a RI gold medal winner and a Silver medal National winner. 


  • National Incident Management System Certification (NIMS)
  • CPR/First Aid American Heart Association
  • Roger Williams College Credit
  • National Occupational Competency Test Certificate (NOCTI)

Course Sequence

9th grade:  Criminal Justice 1 - Semester 90 Minute Block Every Other Day

10th grade:  Criminal Justice 2: Crime Scene Investigation- Full Year 90 Minute Block Every Other Day

11th grade:  Criminal Justice 3: Law and Society - Full Year 90 Minute Block Every Other Day

                    Forensics 2 - Semester 90 Minute Block Every Other Day

12th grade:  Criminal Justice 4:  Work Based Learning- Semester Full Year 90 Minute Block Every Other Day

Industry Partner:  Coventry Police Department and RI Course System

Work Based Learning:  Industry Project/Mentor & Internship

Post Secondary Partner:  Roger Williams University

Career & Technical Student Organization:  SkillsUSA



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