Culinary Arts

Last Updated: 2/16/2022 2:37 PM

The Culinary Arts program provides students with an exploration of the hospitality and food service industries.  Students receive training in all aspects of the restaurant industry using the nationally accredited American Culinary Federation curriculum and the Prostart curriculum.   Students apply concepts and skills in our full-service restaurant, The Knotty Oak Room, which is open to the public, and The Oaker Cafe.

As students advance in skills and knowledge, they assume more responsibility of the daily operations of the restaurant.  Senior students may concentrate in a specialty area and have the opportunity to intern with our chef teachers.  Students who successfully pass both the written and performance assessment of the American Culinary Federation exam will receive an  ACF Certificate as either a Junior or Secondary Culinarian.  Similarly, students who successfully pass the Prostart exam will receive a Prostart industry certificate.  Students who earn an industry-recognized certificate may be entitled to post-secondary scholarships at renowned colleges such as the Culinary Institute of America and Johnson and Wales University and/or may qualify for advanced standing in employment opportunities.

Students participate in off-campus catering events and community service events such as Turkey Dinners for homebound senior citizens at Thanksgiving, and Breakfast at the Senior Center.  The Knotty Oak Room is a full-service restaurant open to the public for business luncheons, dine-in service, take-out, catering, and more.  Call us to find out more about our services. 

Students are eligible to be members of SkillsUSA and can compete in a variety of competitions.  In 2020, we won gold in Commercial Baking and bronze in Restaurant Service.  


  • American Culinary Federation Culinarian Certificate
  • Prostart Certification
  • ServSafe Food Service Manager

Examples of careers in this field would include General Manager, Food & Beverage Manager, Kitchen Manager, Catering & Banquets Manager, Dining Room Supervisor, Restaurant Owner, Baker, Caterer, Dietitian, Executive Chef, Cook, Pastry & Specialty Chef, Food server, Research and Development Chef, Product Demonstrator, and Personal Chef.

Course Sequence:

Introductory Course: Culinary Basics - Semester 90 Minute Block Every Other Day This course is designed for students who might not have room in their schedule to take a full year as a freshman or want to explore the career field.

9th grade:  Culinary Arts 1-Full Year 90 Minute Block Every Other Day

10th grade:  Culinary Arts 2 - Full Year 180 Minute Block Every Other Day

11th grade: Culinary Arts 3 - Full Year 180 Minute Block Every Other Day

12th grade:  Advanced Culinary - Designed around the student's post secondary goals.  Students can take either a semester or full year and up to 360 minutes every other day.  

Industry Partner:  RI Hospitality Association

Work Based Learning:   School Based Enterprise, Internship

Post Secondary Partner:  Johnson and Wales University

Career & Technical Student Organization:  SkillsUSA


The Culinary Arts program is accredited by the American Culinary Federation and received an "Exemplary" evaluation in our most recent 5 year Accreditation review in October of 2020.  

To view The Knotty Oak Room menu, hours of operation, and other restaurant information, visit our website at:




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