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Technology Initiative

Coventry Public Schools’ goals and objectives focus on building a school-based culture representative of a blended learning environment through the use of various technologies.


  1. Create an educational culture and learning experience that is characteristic of various models of   blended learning
  2. Consistently facilitate collaboration, communication, and content creation as routine instructional practice
  3. Prepare students for a complex, high technological knowledge-based economy
  4. Enhance collaboration between and among teachers, students, and parents
  5. Personalize and differentiate instruction
  6. Improve student engagement and achievement
  7. Expand teaching and learning outside the classroom.


  1. Effectively integrate software, applications and technology devices into teaching and learning
  2. Utilize technology devices for testing purposes (access, speed, and data analysis/progress monitoring)
  3. Develop teachers and support staff that will embrace and integrate technology in the curriculum 
  4. Develop technology rich classrooms, evidenced by routine, transparent, and purposeful use of technology in teaching and learning. 
  5. Develop teacher and student technology skills according to the ISTE standards and CCSS expectations for embedded technology use
  6. Develop opportunities for blended learning experiences

Standard Classroom Technology Setup:
Desktop Computer
Ceiling Mounted Projector
Document Camera (elementary only)

Chromebook Resources

Revised June, 2017   (required signature form for all students)

District-issued Device Agreement  Revised August,  2017 (required signature form for all secondary students)

Chromebook Care Revised - May 2017

Chromebook Frequently Asked Questions

Q:: Will my child receive a Chromebook?

A: Chromebook distribution for grade 6 students will take place at FMS on Friday, August 31st. Signed Digital Technology Acceptable Use Policy form and a District-issued Device Agreement form must be submitted at the time of distribution. Both documents are linked above.

All students in grades 6-12 receive a Chromebook from Coventry Public Schools.  Students in grades 3-5 have access to shared carts or classroom sets of Chromebooks that do not leave the school.

High school students are encouraged to provide a case for their Chromebook. Middle school students are required to keep their device in the case provided to them by the district at all times.

Q: Will I have to purchase a Chromebook?

A: No, CPS will provide a Chromebook to each child. Students are not permitted to use their own device in school.

Q: Can my child take their Chromebook home?

A: Yes, for students in grades 6-12.  It is expected that students will take their Chromebook home to extend their learning. Students are expected to bring their device to school daily, charged and ready to be used.

Q: Will my child receive a Google account with their Chromebook?

A: Yes, all students in grades 2-12 will receive a Google Suite for Education account from Coventry Public Schools. This account is owned by CPS, and students can use the account during their tenure in CPS. Upon a student's exit from CPS, the student can download all of his or her data/content using Google Takeout.  Students in grades 2-8 will have an account that can only send and/or receive messages to other students or faculty within our domain (at an @coventryschools.net address).  Students in grades 9-12 will have a fully functional e-mail account.

Q: What happens if my child breaks his/her Chromebook?

A: The student shall be responsible for the proper care of the borrowed device. Damage due to accidental drops or falls and any mechanical failures are covered by CPS. Damage due to misuse of the Chromebook is the responsibility of the student/parent. This is explained in the District-Issued Device Agreement linked above.

CHS students who need their Chromebook repaired should see the IT technician in the new cafeteria sometime between 6:50am and 7:20am.

FMS students who need their Chromebook repaired should see the IT technician in the back IT hall sometime between 7:55am and 8:30am.

Students will be issued a long-term loaner Chromebook for which the signed policy and device agreement apply.

Q: Do we need Internet access at home for my child to use his/her Chromebook?

A: Children will need Internet access to operate many of their Chromebook apps, but there are many applications that have offline capabilities. Students will still be able to use Google Drive to get most of their work done without Internet access. You can view this FAQ from Google regarding offline work and Chromebooks.

Q: Does Coventry Public Schools provide Internet access for my child at home?

A: No. However there are reduced-fee internet services available.  Please go to http://everyoneon.org/ for more information.

Q: What kind of filtering is used on student devices?

A: At school, the entire district network is protected by a filtering system called iBoss.  This system is provided by our internet provider, OSHEAN.  In addition to this filter, we are currently using a product called GoGuardian for mobile filtering when students are using their devices away from the school network.  When at school, student devices are filtered by both systems.