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As we continue to learn more about Google Apps and discover ways to integrate technology in the classroom, we need to share our stories, resources, tips, and tricks!    A platform has been created for this purpose.   In Google Plus, a feature called Communities provides a great forum for sharing.   Our community is called Coventry PLC.    Consider joining the community and posting ideas for others to try in their classroom!  It is easy!!!!  Need help joining the Coventry Community?

Additional Tools and Resources

Google Training Resources:
Google Education Training Center  - Using Google in the Classroom

Curriculum Resources:
Braingenie  - Science and Math 
NewsELA -  Choose Lexile level for articles

Collaboration Tools:
Assessment Tools:
Productivity Tools:

Game-Based Learning Tools:
Simple Machines Game :Museum of Science & History Chicago
Memory Games : Exploratorium in San Francisco
Meet Me at Midnight:Smithsonian American Art Museum

Educational Research:
Read Write for Google
Directions to add to this resource to your school account.

1.       Open GoogleDocs

2.       Click on the purple RW icon near the top center of the page

3.       Users must allow the app the requested permissions.  Click Allow

4.       Click Continue on the Read&Write for Google Authorization window that comes up.

5.       Click Allow on the next permissions window.

6.       Close the window that says Read&Write for Google has been successfully authorized to access your data.

7.       You will now see the R&W toolbar at the top of the screen.

Go Guardian Teacher Registration


To assist teachers in managing a digital classroom and to ensure devices are utilized in the classroom for instructional purposes under the guidance of a teacher, GoGuardian For Teachers, a screen share feature, is enabled at the district level for all student devices only. To ensure teachers will have limited access to viewing student screens, this feature is configured according to the following parameters: 

1. District IP In order for the screen to be visible, the device must be connected to the Internet via the district network IP. 

2. Time The screen share feature will be enabled Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 3:30pm. 


All teachers will be able to use GoGuardian For Teachers and monitor their students’ online activity, lock student screens to specific websites, and refocus attention to online educational tasks while in the classroom. Although screen share is available during school hours, teacher use is restricted to use with students assigned to them during a specific class period. Access to student screens beyond their assigned class with an individual teacher is not allowed.