Staff Chromebook Options
Pending Budget Approval in June
All teachers will receive a new district Chromebook in September.  Teachers will return their current device at the same time new Chromebooks are issued.   Serial numbers will be checked on all returned Chromebooks.   Model tech teachers will return their laptops and receive a Chromebook.   The district issues one device per teacher.    Dates for collection/distribution have not yet been determined.

In order to prepare for our next Chromebook cycle, we are offering some choice so teachers are asked  to select a Chromebook that best meets their instructional and professional needs.  Both an 11" and a 14" screen are available to all.
Math and Science Teachers Only- Because math and science teachers tend to write complicated formulas and algorithms, a touch screen option is being offered to these teachers only.   Please consider the best option for you in your classroom as a touch screen may not always be the best option. 

 Selections must be submitted by Tuesday, June 13th so an order can be prepared.   If no device is selected, an 11" Chromebook will be provided.   Please complete the form below. 
The 11" and the 14" Chromebooks will be available in all schools for your review.  The schedule for this is listed below. 
 HP  G5  11" Screen
(This is also the new student device.)
sample available
 HP G4  14" Screen 

sample available   
 HP X360  11" Touch Screen w/ Stylus
(Offered to math and science teachers only - limited quantity)
sample not available - This unit will be released in June.

 OPTIONAL Personal Purchase
The district will not provide cases for teacher devices.   If you would like to take advantage of special group rate pricing and purchase a case, four options are available.   Since these cases will be your own personal property, sales tax is added to the cost.   These cases will be ordered through our vendor in June so we have them for September.    Checks are to be made payable to Coventry Public Schools and sent to Lynne Burke at Central Office by June 13th.   Please indicate your case selection when completing the Chromebook form below. Samples will be available for you to see according to the schedule below.
 Targus - Intellect
12"  - $18.19
14" - $21.40
 Targus Grid High-Impact Vertical Sleeve
12"  $32.10
14"  $42.79
 Targus Drifter Backpack
 Bump Armor
Professional Case
14"  $18.00 
Please note: Cases cannot be purchased through supply reimbursement 

Please complete this form by June 13th.  
If a Chromebook selection is not made, an 11" G5 Chromebook will automatically be ordered.

Chromebooks and Case Preview
Chromebooks and cases will be available for your review on the date(s) listed below.
       CHS     May 25-26   Library  availaible until 1:30 on 5/26
       ASFMS May 30 - 31 Library  avaiable until 1:30 on 5/31
       Blackrock June 1  Main Office  avaialble until 2:30 pm 
       Hopkins Hill June 2 Main Office  available until 2 :30 pm
       Tiogue June 5  Main Office  available until 2 :30 pm
       Washington Oak Jun 6  Main Office  avaialble until 2:30 pm
       Western Coventry June 7  Main Office  avaliable until 2:30 pm