Coventry High School
40 Reservoir Rd
401.822.9499 or 401.822.9491
fax: 401.822.9492
School time- 7:20A - 1:55P

     Brooke Macomber

Regional Career and Technical Center Director
     Lori Ferguson

Assistant Principals
     Timothy Chace  Grades 9 and 11
     Ann Marie Zaborski, Grades 10 and 12
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Donna Beaudoin, Director of Student Services (x135) Grades 10 and 12

Kimberly Plante, Nurse (x142)

Linda Bellemare, Secretary to the Principal (x146)
Mary Falcone, Attendance Clerk (145)
Margaret Scott, ULSS/Nurse Clerk (x142, x172)
Barbara Erno, Guidance Clerk (x141)
Andrea Ferguson, Student Services (x194)
Carol Dion, Student Services (x193)
Melissa Dalpe, Career Center Clerk, (x287)
C. Quentin Jones, Athletic Director (x152)

Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School
15 Foster Drive
fax: 401.822.9469
School time- 8:05A- 2:35P

Joseph Lucian 
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Assistant Principals
    Azadeh Noorbaloochi
    Dennis DelBarone
Lisa Theroux, Nurse (x213)
Gail Whittaker, Secretary to the Principal, (x212)
Cheryl Daley, School Clerk  (x203)
Rachelle Sweeney, School Clerk  (x210)
JoAnn Phillips, Guidance Clerk  (x269)

Blackrock Elementary School
12 LaCasa Drive
fax: 401.822.9452
School time - 8:40A - 3:10P

     Paula Jacquard 

Melissa Thibodeau, Nurse   
Sharyn Rowles, School Clerk
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Hopkins Hill Elementary School
95 Johnson Boulevard
fax: 401.822.9454
School time-9:05A - 3:35P

     Kathryn Tancrelle

Deborah Oliver, Nurse
Michelle Benson, School Clerk
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Tiogue Elementary School
170 East Shore Drive
fax: 401.822.9453
School time- 8:40A - 3:10P

    Domenic Giusti

Gina D'Aguanno, Nurse
Carol Crowley, School Clerk
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Washington Oak Elementatry School
801 Read School House Rd
fax: 401.397.1094
School time- 9:15A - 3:35P

     Christine Mandese

Assistant Principal
       Sara Bogdon

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Margaret Carroll, Nurse
Kathy West, School Clerk

Western Coventry Elementary School
4588 Flat River Rd
fax: 401.397.4592
School time- 8:40A - 3:10P

     Amy Anzalone

Emillie Cunningham-Joost, Nurse
Patricia Vanasse, School Clerk
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