2017-2018 Info Coming Soon

Coventry High School
Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School
Blackrock Elementary School
Hopkins Hill Elementary School
Tiogue Elementary School
Washington Oak Elementary School
Western Coventry Elementary School

School Time Changes 
Due to safety concerns at the middle school, start and end times have been adjusted for the middle school and elementary schools.  Please make note of these times.
 Coventry High School - 7:20am - 1:55pm
 Feinstein Middle School - 8:05am - 2:35pm
 Blackrock Elementary - 8:40am - 3:10pm
 Hopkins Hill Elementary - 9:05am - 3:35pm
 Tiogue Elementary - 8:40am - 3:10pm
 Washington Oak Elementary - 9:05am - 3:35pm
 Western Coventry Elementary - 8:40am - 3:10pm
 JV Doyle - 8:00am - 2:30pm