Policy Manual

In an effort to keep the community aware of the laws, regulations and directives that support a school system, the Coventry Public Schools will post policies as our present policies become reaffirmed, revised, or replaced with new, more appropriate ones.

Coventry’s present policy manual consists of the following sections: Community, Administration, Business, Personnel, Students and Instruction. The Coventry Public Library, each school, central office and each School Committee member has a copy of the policy manual.


Click here for a PDF containing all pages of the manual.  Please note this is a large PDF and may take some time to load.



1000- Governance

2000- Administration

3000- Fiscal

4000- Support Services

5000- Facilities

6000- Personnel

7000- Instruction

8000- Students

9000- System-Wide School Community
Policies Pending Approval

The policies listed below have been read once into the School Committee record. Some editing may be in process before the second and final reading. They are listed here for public comment. If you would like to comment on a policy please respond to Jen Carlos carlosjen@coventryschools.net

No policies are pending at this time.

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